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Centre Manager’s Report January and February 2022

Kia Ora Karori Kids Whānau,

Welcome back whanau. We hope you have had a lovely and relaxing break

Welcome to our new children who have joined us this February year 2022: Imogen, Alex, Aurora and Matina. We look forward to getting to know you and your whanau.

We want to say a warm farewell to our children who have now graduated from Karori Kids Inc. Nam, Niam, Holly, Sophie and Arthur. To Malakai who had moved to Eastbourne before Christmas break and to Jinyi, who is now off to China. We wish you all well and a fantastic adventure as you continue your learning journey in your new schools. We will surely miss you!


  • Lunar New Year. Our tamariki have been provided with learning opportunities to know about this celebration. We talked about Lunar New Year at mat time. We created our own dragon and danced around outside with it during the first day of Lunar New Year. They also were able to take part in making dumplings and their own fortune cookies.

  • Sustainability. Our tamariki have also been very responsible in looking after our environment. They have been contributing to making our outdoor tidy. They helped us trim the grass, collect leaves, water the plants, weed the garden and swept the ground.

  • Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. We have also started to reinforce the importance of recycling, reducing and reusing. The teachers have been encouraging our children to use recycled items for arts and crafts. We welcome donations of egg cartons, small boxes and interesting packaging materials. We continue to compost our food scraps and feeding leftovers to our chickens.

  • Other activities. Gardening is continuously one of our children’s interest. Recently, we have now harvested our strawberries and carrots.

Messy play such as water paly, sandpit play and painting is popular. Running, biking and chasing peers are also other common activities that they always enjoy when outdoors.

  • Healthy Heart. Our children have also been engaging with keeping themselves healthy. Children were taught proper handwashing, eating healthy and nutritious foods and being active when at school. Yoga and meditation are also part of our programme. Foot spas were also provided by the teachers. A relaxing, quiet time listening to calming music has also been part of our daily routine. Eating nutritious food such as making our own jam, baking a healthier cake recipe and growing our own foods are also part of our developing a healthy eating habits amongst our tamariki.

What’s New for the year 2022

  • Graduation. We now hold a graduation ceremony for our tamariki who graduate at Karori Kids, This ceremony involves doing a short mat time with the children and talk about what they like/miss at Karori Kids. The graduate child will wear a graduation gown with korowai and receive a certificate for successfully completing preschool at Karori Kids.

  • Three-year old programme. Our children have now also been enjoying the programme in the afternoon (2-:30-2:50). The teacher extends their interests as well as engage them with activities that can promote interaction, awareness and social skills. Other learning opportunity such as enhancing fine motors skills and enhancing literacy and numeracy are also reinforced during the running of the programme.

Virtue -Respect

We continue to teach our children to be respectful with teachers, peers, resources, food and environment. The Karori Kids Treaty has also been revisited to instil the rules of Karori Kids.


We continue to encourage our parents to bring plenty of spare clothes in their child’s bags as we do a lot of water play and messy paly outside play.

We are applying sun block to children 3 times per day as per our Sun Protection Policy: before morning tea, after lunch and after afternoon tea. Children will be encouraged to play in the shade during peak burn times. If your child requires a special sunscreen, please bring in a named bottle for us to apply.

Dates to Remember:

Teachers Only Day: Tuesday, 19th of April 2022

Friday, 21st of October 2022

Parent Teacher Interviews: 14-18 March 2022

Monday to Friday: 3:30-5:45

Parent Helpers

We continue to encourage our parents to help us maintain our outdoor area (i.e. lawn mowing, gardening,) Please let us know if you could help us with this.

Covid 19- Protocols at Red light system

We would like to continue encourage our parents to observe the public health measures to ensure the safety everyone:

-wear mask when onsite

-contract tracing system

-hand sanitizes

-stay home and get tested if unwell

- parents to supervise their children if they can.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Policies Reviewed:

We have reviewed and updated the following policies: Pet policy, Food and Nutrition policy, Local Curriculum policy and Physical Activity policy. These will be emailed to you before the end of the month.

Reminders: Up to date immunisation records

Please be reminded that we are still waiting for your child’s up to date immunisation record. Thank you to our parents who already gave me a copy of their child’s immunisation records

FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE Please continue to like, share, and add reviews to our Karori Kids Preschool Facebook page and google. This will help in promoting our Preschool and getting our name out into the community.


Finally, I would like to thank everyone for bringing their expertise and experience here at Karori Kids Inc. and we are looking forward to a more productive year 2022. To our parents who have been with us, we look forward to strengthening our partnership with you. To our new Whānau who have joined us this year, we look forward to getting to know your children and whānau.

“He waka eke noa”

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