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Centre Policies

  • Child Protection
    The Centre has responsibility under legislation and in society to provide a safe environment that ensures all children are treated with dignity and respect, are free from physical, emotional and sexual abuse, and that all children while attending Karori kids receive a safe environment both physically and emotionally.
  • Communication with Parents
    Karori Kids preschool aims to make communication with parents as open, regular and informative as possible. We recognise that while parents are interested in several aspects of our centre, they are often restricted by time.
  • Emergency Policy
    We wish to develop happy children that are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually well. will implement practices that promote the health and wellbeing of children, which include the preparation of our children, teachers, families and community for traumatic incidents and emergencies.
  • Excursion Policy
    Karori Kids preschool aims to organise outings for the children enrolled at the centre. These will always involve all of the children. This policy applies to all excursions outside of the centre.
  • Family Violence
    We are committed to doing all we reasonably can to support employees who are victims of family violence.
  • Fees Policy
    It is important that parents and caregivers are clear on their fee obligations to the Centre and that the Centre has a clear policy in regard to non-payment, or leaving the Centre without giving the required four weeks notice
  • Food and Nutrition Policy
    To promote children’s health and well-being through sound nutritional practices. To provide children with strategies to build their knowledge and understanding in sustainable healthy eating habits that continue through their lives while following the New Zealand Food Safety Act 2014 amended in 2016. To adhere to the “Reducing food-related choking for babies and young children at early learning services” Ministry of Health guidelines that came into effect in January 2021.
  • Governance, Management and Administration Policy
  • Handwashing Policy and Procedures
    To ensure and encourage good hygiene practices associated with handwashing are provided for children and adults.
  • Health and Safety Policy
    We are committed to providing a healthy and safe environment, that is free from harm, for all children, staff and visitors at our centre.
  • Illness and Medicine Procedures Policy
    Any child suffering from any ailment, illness, or other condition affecting the child’s health may be excluded from attending the Centre (by requesting the parent or caregiver not to bring the child) at the Supervisor’s discretion, for such period as the Supervisor thinks appropriate, or until medical clearance has been given. In cases of vomiting and or diarrhea there is a compulsory 48-hour exclusion.
  • Local Curriculum 2019
    The purpose of this operational policy is to outline how our local curriculum programme aligns with and is drawn from, the Early Childhood Education National Curriculum, Te Whāriki. This operational policy also specifies the processes we have in place to ensure we comply with the Curriculum requirements of the Ministry of Education’s Licencing Criteria for childcare centres; Curriculum standards C1 – C13.
  • Maori as Tangata Whenua
    Our fundamental respect and value for Maori as tangata whenua is reflected in our daily practice.
  • Pandemic Policy
    To protect and manage the health and safety of staff, children and visitors in the event of a pandemic.
  • Positive Guidance
    This policy is needed to ensure compliance with regulation 33 and to provide guidance to parents and caregivers as to the standards of behaviour expected of children at the Centre in order that they can be supported at home.
  • Procedures for Soiled Children Policy
    There are suitable facilities provided for washing sick or soiled children and a procedure outlining how hygiene and infection control outcomes will be met when washing sick and soiled children.
  • Settling New Children
    The teaching team at Karori kid’s preschool are committed to supporting all the children in our care and their families to settle into the centre and provide an environment where their emotional well-being is nurtured, and they feel a sense of belonging.
  • Sleeproom Policy
    It is important that children are safe and comfortable while sleeping or resting, and that teachers are kept safe as well. Sleep and/or rest time during the day is a developmental requirement for most children. Facilities for safe, good quality sleep are a requirement of the education Regulations (Early childhood) 2008, for full-day care centres.
  • Smoke Free Policy
    Our centre has a completely smoke, vapour and substance abuse fee environment, to promote healthy living and good habits for the teachers and children.
  • Social Competence Policy
    To provide guidance to parents and caregivers as to the standards of behaviour expected of children at the Centre. The objective of this policy is to ensure that all children, their parents or caregivers, and teachers experience an environment where they are safe, secure, respected and their dignity is protected and that children are given opportunities to develop more consistently positive social behaviours as they mature. The paragraphs below set out specific goals for those involved in the Centre.
  • Sun Safety Procedures
    To ensure children are protected from skin damage caused by the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun, those at the Centre will promote and demonstrate sun-smart practices.
  • Supervision Policy & Procedure
    To ensure children are to be appropriately supervised at all times as supervision is critical to the safety of children.
  • Transition to School
    To ensure Karori kids Inc prepares all children for transition to school through the daily programme that supports and extends the children’s cognitive, physical and emotional development.

Our philosophy encourages our tamariki to be inspired, courageous, free exploring and adventurous risk takers who feel a sense of stability in their surroundings and have the opportunity to take time to escape to a quiet, comfortable, safe area. Our Centre's vision is to provide quality education and care within a family environment in the heart of the Karori community. This is underpinned by our mission to inspire courageous investigators within a secure, nurturing learning community. We consult with parents to make sure we tailor the Te Whāriki early childhood curriculum to capture the identity and priorities of the centre, which are encapsulated in our Policies.

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