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Centre Manager's Report - August 2022

Kia Ora Karori Kids Whanau!

I hope everyone had a fantastic month.

What have we been up to?

1. Cook Island Language Week – This was celebrated through engaging our children in learning basic Cook Island language such as Meitaki - thank you and Kia Orana - hello. We also danced along to Cook Island music and challenged our fine motor skills as we practiced threading our own lei’s.

2. Camp Day – This was an event that pampered our children with different activities. They got their nails painted, had fish and chips for lunch around our ‘campfire’ and lots of stories. Our children also got to show off their colourful sleeping bags, so it was a very relaxing day.

3. Tumbling Tots - Our tamariki have also been enjoying their tumbling tots’ programme. Through the fundamental movement skills such as running, climbing, balancing, our children can develop their motor development which are important in enhancing physical, cognitive, and social growth.

4. Baking and Sewing - This month, Tracy has also involved a lot of our children in baking and sewing. Parents were also encouraged to bring their clothes which require fixing. Baking pizza is one of our tamariki’ s favourite activity. They can learn science through the cause and effect of mixing ingredients.

5. Children’s Literacy - Children have been practicing writing the alphabet and their names. They have also been doing a lot of drawing and colouring.

6. Reading books -This month, our children continue to display their interest in reading books. They spent a lot of time enhancing and discovering knowledge through reading books.

Upcoming Dates/Events

Father’s Day - Friday, 2nd of September. We will have a drop in breakfast for the Fathers or father figures.

Onesie Day - Thursday, 8th of September. We will have a dress up day and a community walk.

Teacher-Parent Interview – Monday 12th – Friday 16th of September. Individual learning goals are to be set up with parents’ consultation.

Māori Language Week – 13th - 19th of September. It is another opportunity to enhance the Te reo Māori language in the Centre. Practicing and learning new words are the main goals for Māori Language Week.

Teacher’s Only Day - Friday, 21st of October. The centre is closed. Teachers will engage in professional development.

Teacher’s Professional Development

- Gina attended a PD about managing ventilation and heating requirements in the Centre.

- Savannah attended a webinar about health and safety.

- Gina, Catherine, Vincent, and Savannah attended a Refresher First Aid Course at Kiwi kids facilitated by one of our Karori Kids parents Shelby Taylor.


For this month of August, illnesses have gone down with our families and kaiako but we still have quite of few cases of children away due to flu. Please continue to monitor your health and well-being to ensure that we reduce/minimise the spread of illnesses. Remember to test or see the doctor when you have symptoms.


-Please name your children’s clothing.

-Please ring/email the teachers if your child is going to be away.

- Make sure that you send warm clothing for your child.


Three policies have been reviewed for the month of July: Emergency policy, Cleaning and Performance Appraisal Policy.

Facebook and Google

We encourage parents to share why they love Karori Kids so feel free to leave a google review. This helps promote our centre and gets our name out into the community! We also encourage families to visit our Facebook page where we share photos and updates so you can see what your children are busy doing!


We continue to build that much-needed resilience to thrive in these ever-changing times and encourage you to stay connected to support your child’s development here within our Karori Kids Community. Thank you for your on-going support!

Ehara taku toa I te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini.

Success is not the work of an individual, but the work of many.


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