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Quality education and care within a family environment in the heart of the Karori community


1:4 Teacher to Child ratio

Karori Kids Inc wants to spread our message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good.


About Us

Wellington's largest outdoor space

Our philosphy encourages our tamariki to be inspired, courageous, free exploring and adventurous risk takers who feel a sense of stability in their surroundings and have the opportunity to take time to escape to a quiet, comfortable, safe area.


Healthy Children

Nutrition is an important part of the values of Karori Kids. We have a cook who provides nutritious meals on a monthly cycle.

Curious Explorers

We focus on the 5 strands; Wellbeing, Belonging, Contribution, Communication and Exploration. 

We work closely with parents to understand the expectations and priorities and this helps us to establish the identity of the centre.  We weave this into how we teach Te Whaariki. 

We encourage and expand on our children's interests. 

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Our Team

A committed and caring team of 6 full-time teachers with additional part-time support. We commit to having 100% fully qualified and registered teachers.

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Our Vision

Our Centre's vision is to 'Provide quality education and care within a family environment in the heart of the Karori community'. This is underpinned by our mission 'To inspire courageous investigators within a secure, nurturing learning community'.

We consult with parents to make sure we tailor the Te Whaariki early childhood curriculum to capture the identity and priorities of the centre.


    Karori Kids Philosophy

    Whānau Focused

    We are a whānau focused community centre where Te Whāriki is the mat we stand on together.


    Te Tiriti O Waitangi

    We honour Te Tiriti O Waitangi through our Teina Tuakana culture of manaakitanga.

    Holistic Learning

    We provide effective readiness for school through holistic learning and being a responsive member of our learning community.



    Through respectful collaborative relationships we support the whakamana and uniqueness of our ākonga.


    Fees & Info


    • 2 year olds – $300p/week

    • 3-4 year olds – $220 p/week (incorporates 20 hrs government subsidy )

    • Fees include all meals, including a cooked meal every day & Tumbling Tots for one term. 

    • We are part of the Ministry of Education 20 hours ECE Scheme

    • We are not licenced to provide part time or casual hours.

    Opening Hours

    • Open 7:45am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday we are open all year except for…..

    • Two teacher-only days per year

    • Closed for three weeks over Christmas

    Other Info

    • We are small, catering to a maximum of 24 children

    • We are a full-time centre only

    • We have friendly, dedicated, caring, experienced, and highly committed teachers

    • We ensure a good staff/child ratio

    • We provide child profiles and updates for all our children and use these to share learning events with our parents

    • We run a special daily programme for our four year olds 'The Thunderbirds' (see Getting Ready for School.)


    Contact Karori Kids Inc

    Please feel free to get in touch with us. 
    Come and visit us and see our Centre!

    29 Campbell St, Karori, Wellington 6012, New Zealand

    04-476 6887

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    Getting Ready for School


    Thunderbirds (four year-old programme)

    We have a four year-old programme that operates four days a week MON-THURS 2:30-3 pm. The children work in small groups with a teacher, to not only further develop their basic literacy and numeracy skills but to also expand their general knowledge, introduce them to the wider world through fun projects and encourage them to share what they already know and expand on it . We also take the four year olds on school visits as a group, before their individual school visits, we find this hugely benefits with their transition to school.

    We foster close relaionships with nearby local primary schools as part of our transitioning programme.  

    At our preschool and childcare centre we also have a three year old programme that operates on a Friday afternoon from 2:30pm-3pm. This encourages children to learn to listen, take turns, take part in discussions as well as encouraging social interaction.

    Different resources are used to contribute to the children’s learning including supervised internet access, (e.g. watching the NASA space shuttle launch) the community, as well as inviting different organisations to speak to the children (e.g. SPCA and the Police).

    If you would like to receive our handout about how we support children for school  please email the centre.


    Karori Kids Inc is a registered charity

    All fees go towards operating and improving the centre


    What's happening at Karori Kids 
    Centre Manager's Report October 2021

    Kia ora Karori Kids Whānau,

    We hope you are coping well even though we continuously having Covid-19 restrictions.


    During the month of October, we have been busy engaging our children in sciences. This includes learning about endothermic reaction, making slime, stalactite experiment, mixing colours and foam dough.

    Our children have also been exposed to learning about being healthy. Yoga and other physical exercises such as dancing, balancing, running, and jumping are prominent this month. Children have been also learning about nutritious foods and human digestion.  

    Sports Day

    Our sports day was also a great success. It was a fun day where children had given the opportunities to engage and enhance their sportsmanship and camaraderie. It was wonderful to have some of our whanau involved too. We plan to have at least one every term. This helps our children to continue explore sports interests. More than the physical activity, such events help children build confidence and social skills. Well done tamariki!

    Earthquake Drill, Lockdown Drill and Fire Drill

    We have also carried out emergency drills this month. Having regular emergency drills help our children and teacher to become familiar with the procedures required for each emergency drill.


    Our children have been enjoying our gardening project. Children were taught how plants grow. We have also extended our garden in our backyard. If you have growing seedlings that you would like to share in our Centre, we would love to have them.

    Dates to remember

    We also would like to remind about the important dates to remember. Please see the list below:

    22nd October, Friday- Teachers only Day. The Centre is closed

    29th October, Friday-Halloween Party. Details below

    3rd December, Friday- Splash Day. Details to follow

    17th December -Christmas concert. Details to follow

    17th December, Friday- Last day of school/Karori Kids

    10th January, Monday- First day of Karori Kids for the year 2022

    Halloween Party

    This year, Halloween party will be held mostly outside in accordance with the Governments level 2 guidelines. This will allow us adequate spacing and ventilation. We will order pizzas per family to eliminate food sharing and one of the teachers will serve beverages from the kitchen. Obviously, masks are not required while eating and you may use your discretion if you want to wear them or not. Essentially, we fall under a “private social gathering” and we all know each other so we do not need to keep apart. We do need you to use the contact tracing app and sanitise little hands and large regularly, however. Thank you!

    We can’t wait to see your amazing costumes and flash dance moves!

    Parent Helpers

    We continue to encourage our parents to help us maintain our outdoor area (i.e. lawn mowing, gardening,) Please let us know if you could help us with this.

    Healthy Heart

    Our children have been enjoying our healthy menu. Our next step is to make our own chia jam and vegetable hummus. If you have any ingredients/recipes that will help us to create healthy menus, please let us know. Thank you to Ruzica who has supplied us with some excellent recipes and ideas already.

    Policies Reviewed:

    We have also reviewed and updated the following policies: Disciplinary and Performance Guidelines and Financial policy. We have also developed a policy on Teacher's Mental Health and Well being. These policies will be emailed to you before the end of the month. 

    Internal Evaluation

    We have now collated our data and thank you for all our parents who participated in our survey. It really helps us a lot to know which areas you feel we can improve on.

    Teacher-Parent Interview

    Thank you to all our parents who attended our teacher parent interviews. It was lovely catching up with our parents and discussed about learning growth and needs of our tamariki. You are of course welcome to talk to us anytime if you have a concern or a learning celebration to share.


    We would like to inform you that we are in the process of recording your child’s routines on Storypark. The routines involve: nappy changing, sunscreen application, food menus  intake and nap time.

    Please continue to like, share and add reviews to our Karori Kids Preschool Facebook page and google. This will help in promoting our Preschool and getting our name out into the community.


    *Please bring toys on Monday only, as that is when  we have ‘news’ mat time for our tamariki.

    *Please bring extra clothes for your tamariki as we do lots of messy play as is now getting warmer.

    *Please continue follow our Covid-19 protocols

    - sign in the QR code

    -sanitise hands

    - wear masks at dropping off and picking up time

    -maintain a metre distance between adults

    -ask teacher to sign you in/out

    -keep your child at home if unwell


    Finally, thank you for continuously working together for the wellbeing of everyone.

    “Me mahi tahi tatou mo re orange o te katao”

    Accessibility Body

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