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Pūrongorongo a te Kaiwhakahaere Hōngongoi 2023

Kia ora koutou.

As we are now in the cold season, we wish you well always.

We would like to welcome Verity who has joined Karori Kids this month. We want to say a warm farewell to Aella as she is now off to school.



Learning Outcomes (Te Whāriki and NELP)

a) Matariki Celebration

Our tamarikiand kaiako have been involved actively in celebrating Matariki. Variety of experiences have been provided. This includes trips to Te Papa, visiting to the library, engaging in arts and crafts, and of course having Matariki celebration. These richness of learning experiences were provided our tamariki with solid understanding about the land, the history, cultural richness and therefore use this as a foundation to connect them with the whanau and whenua.

Making sense of their worlds by generating and refining working theories | te rangahau me te mātauranga

Understanding how things work here and adapting to change | te mārama ki te āhua o ngā whakahaere me te mōhio ki te panoni

B. Te reo Maori

Our Te reo Maori has been enhanced for the past few months.

Apart from using their basic knowledge, they have also learnt new waiata songs: Tutiro Mai and the Matariki Song

The Te reo Maori is also evident in the documentation of our kaiako as seen in their learning stories.

Meaningfully incorporate te reo Māori and tikanga Māori into the everyday life of the place of learning.

c. The 4rth of July (America’s Independence Day)

The America’s Independence Day was celebrated at Karori Kids. With the use of items that were brought by one of our parents, Christie who is originally from America, our tamariki are able to learn the American flag, the American national anthem and other important activities that they do in America.

Making connections between people, places and things in their world (te waihinga hononga)

d. Construction, Building

Our tamariki have been involved in a lot of constructions. The kaiako have been providing them different tools or resources to encourage creativity and imagination.

Recently, the used boxes for their innovation and creativity. Thank you to those parents who gave us those boxes.

Using a range of strategies for reasoning and problem solving | te hīraurau hopanga

Playing, imagining, inventing and experimenting | te whakaaro me te tūhurahura i te pūtaiao

e. Art and Craft

Variety of art and craft have been provided for our tamariki: water colour painting representing their own Matariki stars; collaging for their kites and stars; colouring in addressing their own interests

Expressing their feelings and ideas using a wide range of materials and modes | he kōrero auaha

f. Trips

We continue to do regular trips-to Karori library, Ben burn Park, karori supermarket and of course the recent one to Te Papa

These trips are good opportunities in providing realistic experiences about safety, exploration, and community awareness.

Keeping themselves healthy and caring for themselves | te oranga nui

g. Looking after Papatuanuku

Gardening, recycling, and planting are still common activities for our tamariki.

For this Matariki, our kaiako Catherine set up a kumara planting activity to represent the national history and hauora. These experiences provide our children knowledge how to look after Papatuanuku. Catherine noted ‘knowing how our food grows and nuturing our kai from its beginnings gives us an sense of kaitiakitanga for our environment and some self sufficiency for our futures.’

Making sense of their worlds by generating and refining working theories | te rangahau me te mātauranga

Taking part in caring for this place / te manaaki I te taiao

Internal Evaluation

Internal evaluation update: “How effectively are we in providing an inclusive environment that sustains the languages, cultures and identities of our akonga?”

We have now summarized our internal evaluation

Overall the journey of our internal evaluation about language, culture and identity reiterates the importance of the ‘learners with their whanau are at the centre of education.’ While this aspect needs to strengthen, it is evident that kaiako have extended the knowledge of tamariki in terms of “connecting them between people, places and things in their world/ te waihanga hononga ; understanding how things work and adapting to change/ te marama ki te ahau o nga whakahaere me te mohio ki te panini ((Te Whariki p.24)

Furthermore, we believe that we should continue to enhance the learning of the language, culture and identity of our tamariki and whanau. Te Whariki, 2017 stated that:

“Children’s funds of knowledge are learnt in their whānau, communities and cultures.”

Our next internal evaluation is entitled: “To what extent that we kaiako learn about the language, culture, identity of all families and what ways are these affirmed at Karori Kids”


Regan attended a professional development on “Winter Illness Prevention in the Centre.” Regan learnt the Classics illnesses which includes, whooping cough, Measles, and flu and how these illnesses can be prevented in the Centre. Having enough heating and ventilation throughout the centre is essential. It is required that every child should be up to date with immunisation as well. Furthermore, it is always recommended that playing outside will help children stay healthy and well.

Dates to be remember:

Tuesday, the 18th of July will be the first day of our Tumbling Tots.

Friday, the 31st of July, will be our class photograph.

Tuesday 24th October will be our teachers’ only day.

Working Bee-November

Closing Date: Tentative date: Wednesday, December 20

Christmas Party 15th December 2023

January 2024: Opening Jan 11th Thursday


The flu season is still upon us. To prevent widespread flu, we recommend that your child stays home if experiences flu or cold symptoms. To decide whether your child needs to be at home, please consider the following guidelines:

· Very stuffy or runny nose and/or persistent cough

  • Mild sore throat

  • Headache

Reminders: Up to date immunisation records

Please make sure you provide the Centre a copy of your child’s immunisation record if they have a new one.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuous support at Karori Kids. Kei te mihi, kei te mihi, kei te mihi ki a koutou katoa.

He waka eke noa

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